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Dependable Dust Control in Southern

Stop Those Pesky Dust Storms

From construction sites to wildfires, there are plenty of sources for dirt and dust around SoCal. Fortunately, Quality Hydroseeding & Restoration is here to keep your property lush and healthy through it all. Our commercial and residential hydroseeding services reduce the damage done by excessive dirt and dust blowing. Plus, we can even help you keep your long-term construction project as tidy as possible. Contact us to learn more about your options for dirt and dust control in Southern California.

Reducing Your Dust and Recovering Damaged Areas

The more grass and greenery you have in your yard, the less likely dirt is to get picked up and blown around. Our hydroseeding services will keep dirt particles from easily separating, reducing dust. 

While prevention is best, sometimes you need to recover your yard after a fire or dust storm; we can help with that too. Our hydroseeding contractors are proud to offer reseeding services for burnt areas. Reseeding not only helps to reduce the amount of dust your property creates but also aids in restoring it to its former beauty. Contact us to learn more about our services, including dust control and commercial hydroseeding in Southern California.