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Completely Reseeding Burn Areas in Southern California

Rebuild and Restore a Healthy Lanscape After Disaster Strikes

Fires don’t play favorites and will burn through anything in their path. Beyond the heat of the blaze, the ash of the aftermath can be just as devastating to property. Even without the threat of fire, the scorching rays of the summer sun can take a toll on your lawn. The best way to bring life back into fire-damaged or heat-damaged property is by reseeding burn areas in Southern California.

Our team at Quality Hydroseeding & Restoration is ready to help restore your residential lawn or commercial lot. Each project we take on helps restore local habitats that have been ravaged by wildfires.

Bringing Back Nature and Beauty

When you call on us to reseed wildfire burn areas, we help bring back natural beauty to a devastated region by jumpstarting plant growth. Our contractors have the skills, experience, and equipment to hydroseed and restore burned and damaged grass and plants. Once we apply our seed mixture, the green spaces that you’ve once enjoyed, such as parks and playgrounds, will before long begin to look like the oases of nature that you appreciated in the past. 

You can schedule an appointment with our team so that we can help you restore your lawn and yard after fire damage.