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Effective Erosion Control in Southern California

Stop Your Land from Eroding Beneath Your Feet

When your perfectly manicured soil seems to wash away bit by bit every time a storm blows through; Quality Hydroseeding & Restoration is here to help. Our services will help your yard better handle water, time, and other things that erode ground so that you can properly maintain your property.

Our hydroseeding contractors are the experts on erosion control in Southern California. By hydroseeding your lot, we eliminate the ruts and trenches that can form thanks to Mother Nature. Not only does this help you maintain your current landscape, but also it helps prevent future soil erosion.

How We Manage Erosion

Our team has many methods available to help you stabilize your yard, so we tailor our approach to your circumstances. However, one of the most effective erosion prevention methods is to increase ground cover by hydroseeding any bare areas. Commercial and residential hydroseeding increase the root density while also protecting against the water and wind that can carry away soil.

Contact us to learn more about hydroseeding and our other erosion control options. Request an in-person consultation and one of our team members will visit your property to develop a custom plan for protecting the health and beauty of your landscape.